TEN31 Publishing is a small publisher that specializes in scary comics for kids. Our flagship title, House of Fear, is an anthology series with one complete, self-contained story in each issue. Instead of producing stories that are geared for all ages, TEN31 focuses on telling stories that will thrill 8 to 12 year olds. That’s not to suggest that younger kids wouldn’t enjoy them, or that older kids and adults wouldn’t either. But the protagonists in each story are in the elementary school age range, and the level of frights is suitable for those kids, too. If you’re familiar with Goosebumps, the series of spooky novels for kids by R.L. Stein, you have an idea of what to expect.

In early 2017, we Kickstarter to fund the printing of House of Fear: The Curse of Cottonwood Ct. Since then, we’ve successfully funded two other Kickstarter campaigns. For several years, James has been traveling to local elementary schools to discuss the comic-making process with students. With the Kickstarter campaigns, James was able to print enough copies to hand out to students after his classroom visits.

In May of 2019, Dark Horse Comics is publishing a collection of House of Fear stories. You can preorder the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

In 2019, you can also expect at least three more House of Fear stories. James has already finished writing three scripts, and Jethro is busy pencilling House of Fear: The Infestation of Mr. Skinny Legs.