House of Fear Title Designs

We’ve settled on the title design for our series, House of Fear, and I think Matt Krotzer, our letterer and designer, nailed it. The design is an effective one: simple, creepy, and classic. Reminds me of my favorite horror comics from the 50s and 60s.

Although the main title appearance won’t change from issue to issue, the intro text along the top will change from time to time. I’ve included a few samples below.

This first one will be the standard design for our comic book covers. The “Tales From” text indicates that the series is an anthology format, telling readers that they can expect stand-alone stories.


There are no plans to number our issues, at least on the cover. However, with this second design option, I think the “Welcome to” does a nice job of indicating that this is the first issue, enticing readers to pick up the book. I’ll probably also use this design for convention signage.


This third design won’t adorn any of our covers. However, I do see it as a sticker I give kids who’ve read one of our comics. It’s a sort of badge, indicating that you were able to overcome your fears and survive a scary story. I’d also love to hand out small versions of the stickers to kids who make their way through my garage haunt each Halloween.


Naturally, the main part of the design will be used often all by itself, without intro text along the top. And it’s possible we develop other text, too. It’s nice to have options.


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